The Examiner realizó una reseña del disco 'Hail the Sycophants' de Fake Figures.


Todo parece indicar que Atreyu prepara algo para este año.


Estamos realmente emocionado y contentos de que por fin nuestras suplicas han sido escuchadas. La banda que nos ha traído alegrías y tristezas vuelve para hacernos sonreír con su música.


Hall of Sound realizó una lista sobre 'The Best of 2011', donde Fake Figures aparece en el #15.

viernes, 25 de septiembre de 2009

Atreyu's Congregation of the Damned

Atreyu's Congregation of the Damned

American metalcore has been tossed around for a while now since its formation. So out of the wide range of bands that fall into this genre, what band has proven themselves worthy enough of being known as this genre? One band that pops into my head is a small town act straight out of Orange County, California, known simply as Atreyu. Having been around for 11 years and counting - vocalist/lyricist Alex Varkatzas along with guitarists Dan Jacobs and Travis Miguel, bassist Marc McKnight and drummer/vocalist Brandon Saller, the band went from being originally called "Retribution" to Atreyu being named after the character from the fantasy book/movie The Neverending Story.

They had then released four LP's “Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses,” “The Curse,” “A Death-Grip on Yesterday,” and “Lead Sails Paper Anchor,” each of which has sold more than 200,000 copies to date. Since the numerous LP releases the band like so many before them and surrounding them have gone off on numerous tours ranging from the U.S. to the U.K. right back to their hometown, Atreyu has gotten their name and self’s around one way or another. But once that's all been said and done more than just once, what is left to do? Well create new material of course, which they've recently done - calling it "Congregation of the Damned." The members had wanted to continue to develop musically but also wanted to return to the more aggressive side that was involved within their first creations.

For instance through the 13 songs offered, Atreyu covers a variety of ground, that includes heavy raw emotion found all over this album - "“Stop! Before It’s Too Late and We’ve Destroyed it All,” being an enraged raw driven tune, whereas a more anthemic metal tune "Carried Away," carries the music down a much matured route/ Taking the music down a note just a tad while the more brutal side-effects of cinematic rock ballad "You Were the King Now You're Unconscious," takes Atreyu's music ability to a higher standard. At this same time, they're making various nods to the music, they grew up on, still in love with it all going down the lines of sounding a lot like Black Flag, down to Pantera, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Motley Crue. While there is no shortage of euphoric sing-along melodies, the songs are more ferocious than anything since 2004’s “The Curse”.

The subject matter used here is equally intense, vocalist Alex explains “The music is heavier and so I was able to write darker lyrics." “There’s personal problems on there: self-doubt, self-loathing. Bands who sing about happy things have their place, and I’m not singing about dark things to promote them, I’m singing about them so I don’t go insane. It’s pure catharsis. I make music so I don’t go crazy.” In close having him finding himself within a darker environment, or "territory" when it comes to "Storm To Pass," a song that has not only one meaning but a double-meaning behind it: "the storm as being the form of depression, while the storm is considered the war". “You can feel that depression coming on, you can see yourself doing messed up things but you can’t stop it,” says Varktazas. “I grew up watching the first Iraq war and the invasion of various countries and how the whole thing became one giant storm.”
This being enough said to cover everything that there needs to be said, about Atreyu’s follow-up to their previous release, this album clearly being nothing more, and nothing less than its title claims it to be….the “Congregation of the Damned.”

miércoles, 23 de septiembre de 2009

Atreyu-Congregation of the Damned-Webisode 3

Nuevo video "Storm to Pass" y arte de "Congregation Of he Damend"

Atreyu grabó el video del tema "Storm to Pass" el 22 y 23 de septiembre, en California, fue dirigido por Sean Stiegemeier, con quien ya han trabajado anteriormente en videos como: Falling Down", "Doomsday", "The Crimson" y "Lip Gloss and Black". Este clip estará listo para el 12 de octubre, así que no se lo pueden perder. Por lo pronto aquí les mostramos el arte de "Congregation Of he Damend".

Y la nota completa del video.

ATREYU: New Album Artwork Unveiled; 'Storm To Pass' Video In The Works

Orange County, California's ATREYU will shoot a video this week for "Storm to Pass", the first single from the band's new album, "Congregation of the Damned". The song is currently streaming on the group's MySpace page along with the new cut "Stop! Before It's Too Late and We've Destroyed it All".
The video for "Storm to Pass" will be shot September 22 and 23 in the desert near Palm Springs, California and will be directed by Sean Stiegemeier, who has worked with the band on clips for "Falling Down", "Doomsday", "The Crimson" and "Lip Gloss and Black".
In the video, the band is shot from a variety of angles rocking out as storms build around them. "[Vocalist] Alex [Varkatzas] talks so much in the song about weather and storms, so I thought it would be visually cool to incorporate a lot of that," Stiegemeier says. "And when you dive deeper into the song, you realize Alex is using the storms as a metaphor for the problems you create for yourself. So there are all these people creating these storms that ATREYU are forced to play in."
Varkatzas and two other characters will play the role of deities, and as the tension and turbulence grows, they'll create a windstorm, then a lightning storm that sets the area ablaze and finally a rainstorm that extinguishes the fire.
"We're not going to be pampering ATREYU in this one," Stiegemeier says. "We'll be blowing fans as fast as humanly possible at them, and ash and dust will be flying at them and fire will be surrounding them. We'll be drenching them in rain and putting them through all kinds of hell. It's a good thing we're friends and they're letting me get away with all this. But I'm sure they'll get me back somehow in the end."
The video for "Storm to Pass" is scheduled to debut the week of October 12.
The "Storm to Pass" video isn't the only high-tech treat that awaits ATREYU fans before the October 27 release of "Congregation of the Damned". An upcoming video game on the band's web site will premiere on October 13 and will give fans a sneak preview of the track Gallows". In the game, which was influenced by George Romero's classic movie "Night of the Living Dead", players battle a variety of zombies — some of whom resemble powerful political figures — in an attempt to stay alive. The third in a series of ATREYU games was designed by Jason Oda, who has also a designed hit game for FALL OUT BOY and conceived the classic "Dropkick the Faint".

In other Internet media, ATREYU will be the special guests on this week's AOL
Noisecreep podcast "Creep Show", which debuts September 23. During the program, a panel of journalists interviewed Varkatzas and drummer Brandon Saller about the creation of "Congregation of the Damned", the meanings of "Storm to Pass" and "You Were the King Now You're Unconscious", and the political focus of the new album. Noisecreep also talked with ATREYU about Varkatzas' martial arts training, the insignificance of genre labeling and the effect Varkatzas' upcoming marriage might have on the band's future output.

ATREYU will roll out the last three of their "Congregation of the Damned" webisodes September 22, October 6 and October 27. And don't miss them on tour with HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD, starting October 16 in Lubbock, Texas and running through November 21 in Los Angeles.
"Congregation Of The Damned" track listing:

01. Stop! Before It's Too Late and We've Destroyed it All
02. Bleeding is a Luxury
03. Carried Away
04. Coffin Nails
05. Black Days Begin
06. Gallows
07. Storm to Pass
08. You Were King Now You're Unconscious
09. Insatiable
10. So Wrong
11. Ravenous
12. Lonely
13. Wait For You
The CD cover artwork can be viewed below.

domingo, 20 de septiembre de 2009

Atreyu espera venir pronto a México!

Hola chicos!
Pues aqui esta la imagen que lo muestra

Sigue a Atreyu!

Y tambien siguenos a nosotros!

miércoles, 16 de septiembre de 2009

Atreyu Reveals "Congregation of the Damned" Tracklisting

Atreyu Reveals "Congregation of the Damned" Tracklisting

Following up their critically and commercially successful album, "Lead Sails Paper Anchor," which sold over 315,000 copies, Atreyu is returning with their fifth album entitled "Congregation of the Damned." "Lead Sails Paper Anchor"marked a substantial shift for the group, expressing an explosively commercial and alternative side of Atreyu that had been largely unexplored. With their new album, "Congregation of the Damned," the members wanted to continue to develop musically, but at the same time return to more of the aggression and firepower they exhibited growing up in the hardcore metal-based scene of Orange County, California.

“The music is heavier and so I was able to write darker lyrics,” explains vocalist Alex Varkatzas. “There’s personal shit on there: self-doubt, self-loathing. Bands who sing about happy things have their place, and I’m not singing about dark things to promote them, I’m singing about them so I don’t go insane. It’s pure catharsis. I make music so I don’t go crazy.”

Varkatzas finds himself in that darker territory with first single “Storm To Pass,” a song that has double meaning: the storm as depression, and the storms of war: “You can feel that depression coming on, you can see yourself doing fucked up things but you can’t stop it,” says Varktazas. “I grew up watching the first Iraq war and the invasion of various countries and how the whole thing became one giant shit storm.”

The full track listing for CONGREGATION OF THE DAMNED is as follows:

Stop! Before It’s Too Late and We’ve Destroyed it All
Bleeding is a Luxury
Congregation of The Damned
Coffin Nails
Black Days Begin
Storm to Pass
You Were King Now You’re Unconscious
So Wrong
Wait For You

In support of the album, every two weeks leading up to the October 27th release, Atreyu will debut a webisode documenting not only their thoughts on the new record, but they will also take a look back at where the band’s career has taken them over the course of the last 10 years. A new webisode will post every two weeks with the final one posting on October 20th.

"Congregation of the Damned," produced by Bob Marlette (Airborne, Ozzy Osbourne), mixed by Rich Costey (Mars Volta, System of A Down, Rage Against the Machine) with select tracks mixed by Noah Shain (Endless Hallway, Sonny),” comes out October 27.

Atreyu’s latest tour dates are as follows:

Sat. Aug. 8 Syracuse, NY New York State Fair Infield - WKRL K-Rockathon
Sat., Aug. 22 Pomona, CA Pomona Fairplex – Epicenter Music Festival
Sun., Aug. 23 Maryland Heights, MO Verizon Wireless Amphitheater – KPNT’s PointFest 2009
Fri., Aug. 28 Leeds, UK Leeds Festival
Sat., Aug. 29 Reading, UK Reading Festival
Sat., Sept. 26 Phoenix, AZ Phoenix Events Complex – KUPD’s End of Summer Scorcher
Tues., Oct. 13 Tuscson, AZ Rialot Theatre
Wed., Oct. 14 Albuquerque, NM Sunshine Theatre
*Fri., Oct. 16 Lubbock, TX The Pavilion
*Sat., Oct. 17 San Antonio Sunset Station
*Sun., Oct. 18 Dallas, TX House of Blues
*Tues., Oct. 20 Mission, TX Las Palmas Race Park
*Wed., Oct. 21 Houston, TX Verizon Wireless Theater
*Fri., Oct. 23 Orlando, FL Hard Rock Live
*Sat., Oct. 24 Atlanta, GA The Tabernacle
*Sun., Oct. 25 Myrtle Beach, SC House of Blues
*Mon., Oct. 26 Charlotte, NC The Fillmore Charlotte
*Tues., Oct. 27 Richmond, VA The National
*Thurs., Oct. 29 New York, NY Roseland Ballroom
*Fri., Oct. 30 Baltimore, MD Sonar
*Sat., Oct. 31 Philadelphia, PA Electric Factory
*Mon., Nov. 2 Montreal, QC Metropolis
*Tues., Nov. 3 Toronto, ON Sound Academy
*Wed., Nov. 4 Pittsburgh, PA Ches-Arena
*Fri., Nov. 6 Chicago, IL Aragon Ballroom
*Sat., Nov. 7 St. Paul, MN The Myth
*Sun., Nov. 8 Omaha, NE Sokol Auditorium
*Tues., Nov. 10 Denver, CO The Fillmore
*Wed., Nov. 11 Salt Lake City, UT The Great Salt Air
*Fri., Nov. 13 Boise, ID Knitting Factory
*Sat., Nov. 14 Seattle, WA Showbox SoDo
*Sun., Nov. 15 Portland, OR Roseland Theatre
*Tues., Nov. 17 Sacramento, CA Sacramento Memorial Auditorium
*Wed., Nov. 18 San Jose, CA Events Center at San Jose State University
*Fri., Nov. 20 Las Vegas, NV House of Blues
*Sat., Nov. 21 Los Angeles, CA Wiltern Theatre

* = Hollywood Undead co-headlining dates

More dates to be announced.

sábado, 12 de septiembre de 2009

Escucha la primer rola de “Congregation Of The Damned”

Escucha la primer rola de “Congregation Of The Damned”

Chicos tenemos muy buenas noticias, si se han dado cuenta en el MySpace de Atreyu no hay ninguna canción en el reproductor, la respuesta es porque mañana domingo la banda subirá la primer rola de “Congregation Of The Damned”. Así que se de los primeros en escucharla a las 10:27pm EST. No sabemso que rola pondrán por lo que muchos ya hemos escuchado "Bleeding Is A Luxury"
Si no lo han hecho chequen nuestro blog donde está el video.

Y ya pronto el disco el 27 de octubre.


martes, 8 de septiembre de 2009

Atreyu-Congregation of the Damned-Webisode 2

sábado, 5 de septiembre de 2009

ATREYU Members Discuss "Congregation Of The Damned"

ATREYU Members Discuss "Congregation Of The Damned"

Altitude TV recently conducted an interview with Brandon Saller (drums, lead vocals) and Marc McKnight (bass, vocals) of ATREYU about the band's forthcoming fifth studio effort, "Congregation Of The Damned". Watch the three-minute chat below. "Congregation Of The Damned" follows up the Southern California act's 2007 major label debut, "Lead Sails Paper Anchor", and contains songs such as "Stop! Before It's Too Late And We've Destroyed It All", "Bleeding Is A Luxury", "Black Days Begin", "You Were King Now You're Unconscious", and "Insatiable". Frontman Alex Varkatzas told The Pulse of Radio what fans can expect from the CD. "It's gonna be awesome," he said. "It's gonna be a little more eclectic, I think a lot heavier, and my vocals especially are gonna be a lot more aggressive on this record. I think we've learned a lesson over the course of our four full-lengths, and I think this is gonna be the perfect blend of all of them."

ATREYU will play a radio festival in Arizona on September 26 before launching a fall co-headlining tour with HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD on October 16 in Lubbock.

Every two weeks leading up to the album's October 27 release, ATREYU is posting a new webisode at its official website in which the band members discuss the new album and its making, as well as look back on their 10-year career.

The first webisode is up now, with the second debuting next Tuesday (September 8). The last one will be posted on October 20. "Lead Sails Paper Anchor" has sold 315,000 copies and boasts the hit singles "Becoming The Bull" and "Falling Down".

jueves, 3 de septiembre de 2009

Altsounds Q&A Interview: Brandon and Travis of Atreyu

Altsounds Q&A Interview:
Brandon and Travis of Atreyu

Interviewed in person at the 2009 Leeds Festival.

Fresh from Warped Tour, I interviewed Brandon and Travis from Atreyu. It was my first interview using my brand new equipment and the Atreyu boys were both chirpy and patient. They are such great guys. Brandon especially was brilliant, I hope they really do have a never-ending story.

Altsounds: Google says you guys are from Garden Grove, California but judging by your faces now that's a no?
Travis: Ahhh kinda around there, we're basically from Orange County.
Brandon: Google fucked up. Technically they're right, Garden Grove is in Orange County and we are basically from cities that surround Garden Grove like Huntington Beach, Anaheim, Costa Vasa etc.
Travis: They were just this far [about an inch] from the bullseye.
Brandon: Probably on the next level ring. We're from Orange County, basically to make it easier.

Altsounds: OK, awesome, so if I wanted to go to Orange County to rock out, where would I go?
Brandon: Like, what venue?
Travis: Orange County venues are dropping like flies...
Brandon: They're limited. We have Chain Reaction as a smaller kind of place. That's a good place. There's House of Blues, which is nice.
Travis: If you go just outside Orange County there's the Glass House in Pomona.
Brandon: We only really have maybe, aside from in Los Angeles, [in Orange County itself] maybe three venues.
Travis: Lowly Bar Michaels you might wanna consider?
Brandon: That doesn't count.
Travis: Other than that you have to go 45 minutes to an hour up North to LA and then there are loads.
Brandon: You've got Whiskey, Roxy.....

Altsounds: You're not straight edge?
Travis: No. Never have been, never will. I don't think.
Brandon: (Laughing) No.

Altsounds: What's your recommended hang over cure?
Brandon: Oh, fuck. Greasy food?
Travis: Umm, don't drink yourself to that point?

Altsounds: That's a bad hangover cure!
Brandon: Yeah, just stop before you get there.
Travis: Know when to stop. If that fails, umm, be vertical. Don't just lay around all day as much as you want to. Be vertical, and if you can, sweat it out.
Brandon: Pedialytes is good too.
Travis: Yes, Pedialytes is good.

Altsounds: What's that?
Brandon: Pedialytes, I don't know if they have it here. It's like what you give babies when they have diarrhoea, and they get dehydrated. It's a drink.
Travis: Electrolytes.
Brandon: You drink that, and you're back in the game.

Altsounds: You are classed as metal, do you agree with that? I've got 'metal core/alternative metal.'
Travis: Sure. Whatever.
Brandon: Metal works. Rock works. Hard Rock works. We're an aggressive band. We're loud. We play loud music.

Altsounds: What other genres do you like?
Travis: Everything, good music is good music.
Brandon: Exactly. I like rap, hip hop.....

Altsounds: Awesome, will you rap for me?
Brandon: I mean I can't rap! I just like rap. I wish I could you know, I wish I could.

Altsounds: Now, if I were a princess stuck in a tower, how would you rescue me?
Travis: We could do the whole Rapunsel thing, you could let down your hair.....

Altsounds: But I don't really have long hair.....
Travis: Hey, we could meet half way!? Help me help you.
Brandon: You could just jump and trust that I would catch you.
Travis: I could bring a trampoline.....
Brandon: .....and that way it's fun too.
Travis: Ummm, grappling hook.
Brandon: That works, ummm, stairs work. You could just walk down the stairs?
Travis: Even better, elevators.
Brandon: Or, just have wings and fly out. That's the easiest one.
Travis: Defy nature. Yeah.

Altsounds: Ok, well those are all good, and there's more than one! Nice to see you guys are keen to save me.
Brandon: Well you've got a couple of options now.

Altsounds: What was the turning point when you thought, 'this is it, this is what I want to do?'
Brandon: Probably the first show we ever played. We used to play at high school and shit and do small shows locally and it was just fun, it was indescribable. So, from the very beginning we just wanted to make this work, so we did!

Altsounds: Have you always had the same line up then?
Brandon: No we've gone through a few. Travis was the first new guy, and then we got a new bass player that we've had for about five years, so we've had the same line up now for about five years.

Altsounds: So as you are classified generally as metal, what's you're favourite type of metal, like zinc, steel or iron?
Brandon: Gold metal, silver metal, al-u-minium, as you say over here.

Altsounds: I actually heard the other day from a British person that the Americans say it right, but I don't believe it.
Travis: Tom-ah-to, tom-a-to, whatever.

Altsounds: is an independent publication, for the people by the people. What have you got to say to our readers who may or may not have heard of you before?
B: I think a for the people by the people kinda place is good. I think if that's the kind of people you have reading your website then we're probably a good band for your demographic. We've been a FUBU band - for us, by us - and we've really done everything ourselves and worked our way up all by ourselves. So Atreyu is a good band to listen to if you're into that shit. And we're sexy gentlemen too, and that doesn't hurt. Strapping.

Travis: Yeah, [deadpan] I mean look at us.

Altsounds: You guys are hot. I would.
[Finally got Travis to smile!]

Brandon: I've never heard an English person say that!
Travis: Let alone a female!

Altsounds: Oh, sorry.
Brandon: Awesome.

Altsounds: You've just played Leeds, have you played Reading yet?
Brandon: We've never done Reading or Leeds before, we've done Download and a couple of others like Give It A Name.

Altsounds: Which was your favourite so far?
Brandon: Out of the two we've played, I think Give It A Name was awesome because it was indoors.
Travis: We had a lot of friends on the bill too so it's always good to see friends.
Brandon: But this so far is pretty good so I think it will be sweet.

Altsounds: And what's your best festival tip?
Travis: Hold it.
Brandon: Yeah, hold it. If you just don't go to the bathroom that's good.
Travis: I mean, it's like 10am...
Brandon: Yeah and there's like muddy drunk dudes in the tent. Here's one thing that's really fucking me up in the head. So you're walking right and you're walking on a regular walkway and there's just dudes taking a piss. They aren't even in the bushes trying to be discreet. Not only that, but there's dudes behind them waiting like it's a bathroom?
Travis: They're being polite I guess.
Brandon: So there's like dicks on dudes everywhere and that is really strange to me. Maybe try to be in the bush if you're gonna pee?
Travis: Maybe be discreet about it? Subtlety.
Brandon: And from what I've seen today we are stupid and forgot our rubber boots (wellies). Whoever makes the rubber boots is fucking happy as a pig in shit cause they are making some money from this festival!

Atreyu release their new album 'Congregation of the Damned' on Hollywood Records on October 27th.