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ATREYU Members Discuss "Congregation Of The Damned"

ATREYU Members Discuss "Congregation Of The Damned"

Altitude TV recently conducted an interview with Brandon Saller (drums, lead vocals) and Marc McKnight (bass, vocals) of ATREYU about the band's forthcoming fifth studio effort, "Congregation Of The Damned". Watch the three-minute chat below. "Congregation Of The Damned" follows up the Southern California act's 2007 major label debut, "Lead Sails Paper Anchor", and contains songs such as "Stop! Before It's Too Late And We've Destroyed It All", "Bleeding Is A Luxury", "Black Days Begin", "You Were King Now You're Unconscious", and "Insatiable". Frontman Alex Varkatzas told The Pulse of Radio what fans can expect from the CD. "It's gonna be awesome," he said. "It's gonna be a little more eclectic, I think a lot heavier, and my vocals especially are gonna be a lot more aggressive on this record. I think we've learned a lesson over the course of our four full-lengths, and I think this is gonna be the perfect blend of all of them."

ATREYU will play a radio festival in Arizona on September 26 before launching a fall co-headlining tour with HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD on October 16 in Lubbock.

Every two weeks leading up to the album's October 27 release, ATREYU is posting a new webisode at its official website in which the band members discuss the new album and its making, as well as look back on their 10-year career.

The first webisode is up now, with the second debuting next Tuesday (September 8). The last one will be posted on October 20. "Lead Sails Paper Anchor" has sold 315,000 copies and boasts the hit singles "Becoming The Bull" and "Falling Down".

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